Social Selling… Holy Grail or Black Hole for Opportunities?

When brilliantly executed for certain companies offering certain products and services “Social Selling” can be the Holy Grail. An outstanding end-to-end solution for all their sales needs. Sales that generally end with an on-line purchase or booking.

More often than not “Social Selling” is used for quality lead or enquiry generation or warming up prospects.

This is when and why it frequently goes wrong in one of three ways…

Opportunity Lost: People have lost the skill of “taking it off-line”… As “Social Selling” maybe sits more naturally with the marketing function many have never needed these skills.

Opportunity Wasted: When the “conversation” is finally taken off-line people don’t have the sales skills to drive the sales process and win the business.

Opportunity Squandered: When, because the buyer is along way down their buyers journey, the off-line “conversation” is handled by “order takers” many of which make very little attempt to influence an outcome an simply don’t recognise an opportunity.

Don’t spend so much time and money on your digital output that you forget about giving those responsible for the “Selling” part the skills they need.

We can help, give us a call.

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