Forget the NEED. Sell them the Rolex!

As a committed lifelong student of sales I see an awful lot of posts/tips etc that point out the importance of working with a prospect to uncover their needs rather than their wants.

A salesperson's role, put very simply, is to either generate interest , or to take a prospect who may have have expressed an interest, and move them into and through the stage of wanting what we are offering, and wanting it from us.

I am a big believer in working with a prospect in a consultative type sale where appropriate, challenging their thinking (again where appropriate) but it maybe worth pointing out that, regardless of the reasoning behind it WANT will often out-trump NEED and challenging a prospect when it’s not appropriate can easily cost you a sale.

They may not NEED a Rolex but if they have set their heart on one it may be difficult to change their minds (they are probobly sick to death of hearing "you don't really need that") so as long as you have done your job properly, and not just taken an order, then sell them the flippin' Rolex!

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