Do you ever wish sales wasn't so difficult?

Have you ever watched someone do something and thought "They make it look SO easy" or "I wish I could do it like that"?

I remember, years ago, struggling to teach myself to windsurf. I spent much more time laying, exhausted, face first on the sail or climbing back onto the board than I ever did riding it. For months I jealously watched others thinking just that, simply "wishing" I would get better. I nearly gave up several times, there was no pleasure in it and it was also draining.

I just didn't have the basics right.

What made the difference, in the end, was deciding to pay for some lessons. I learned more from a professional tutor over 3 or 4 Saturday mornings than I had taught myself in nearly a year. Not only was I able to master the basics and become "reasonably" proficient, I immediately started to feel comfortable, and better still started to love it again.

What's this got to do with selling?

I have lost count of the hundreds (thousands?) of salespeople (and business owners) that I have trained and seen them having that moment of realization, finally understanding how SELLING actually works...the little things they were (or weren't) doing or saying that meant that they weren't getting the results that they needed.

When selling is going well there isn't a better job to have. If it's uncomfortable, and not going well, most people end up giving up or being let go.

Get the basics right...

Give me a call, an initial conversation costs you nothing.

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