Telesales Sales Skills  -  1 Day    

Open course, online or in-house

Call Center



Telephone sales and/or appointment setting is a highly specialised skill. If you need to win more sales, generate more leads or set more appointments over the phone this day will cover the skills, strategy and approach required to make you feel more confident every time you pick up the phone.



Who should attend?

Anyone selling primarily over the telephone or looking to win more business using the phone.


Ideal for outgoing and incoming sales office staff either new to sales or wishing to dramatically improve their telesales results. Also well suited for small business owners needing to understand how to sell more over the telephone.


This day is suitable for those selling B2B and B2C,



During the day we cover:


Understanding the "telesales" sales process

Lead generation

Essential sales skills

Getting through to talk to people

Breaking the ice and making a great first impression

Questioning/Listening skills

How to make compelling presentations over the phone

How to avoid difficult/regular objections

How to stop prospects going "silent" on you

How to ask for the order

How to build long-lasting relationships over the phone


We will look at how to apply the above to your situation, your product/service, your business and write a short personal action plan.



When run "in house" we can also address


Develop Outstanding Questioning Skills

Demonstrating Business Based "Empathy"

Presenting and Winning High Value Solutions/Sales over the phone

Becoming the "Go To Person" in your industry