Selling to the C Suite   -   1 day

Open course, online or in-house

Team Meeting


Selling to C level executives can strike fear into salespeople and possibly with good reason.


At this senior level, there may be more hurdles, or higher hurdles at least, to getting the appointment.


Your opening shots need to be on point and delivered in a way that makes the senior exec/s really want to talk/meet with you.


How do you create genuine empathy with someone that may sit very much higher than yourself in a business's hierarchy?


Senior execs do not want to be "sold" to, they also tend to be less tolerant to anything that doesn't meet their exacting standards.




If you can create that empathy and bring real value to the table you will have travelled a long way along the decision maker's decision-making process.


Who should attend?


This course is designed to help anyone in sales (Sales, Sales Managers, Account Managers and Business Owners) that sell into board level / C suite prospects.



What will we cover?

What preparation should you do?
How to make effective initial contact
Creating the right impression
How to create credibility and empathy
How to stand out from other salespeople
Getting to their "Top of Mind"
How and when to ask for commitment
How to stop your prospect going silent on you

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