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"Do what you do best and outsource the rest."         

(Peter Drucker)


When current estimates put the costs of hiring a sales development rep in the region of £60-£70k pa maybe the question should be why on earth would you hire salespeople directly?

Finding the right people is a nightmare.

After paying out for recruiting, inducting and training, waiting for them to get up to speed (or not) and they may well leave for a better offer.

Sick days, sick pay, holidays, maternity leave, staff events...

This might sound cynical, it may sound very familiar but salespeople are sometimes hard work and high maintenance.


We are a small team of highly experienced, highly ethical B2B professional salespeople and sales leaders

We are used to dealing with senior executives discussing high-value solutions in a lead generation or end to end sales capacity.

We are NOT a high volume, low-value proposition call centre (there are hundreds of these out there already).

We are definitely NOT pressure salespeople and will not sell anything we consider dubious.

If you are looking for someone to represent your business in the most professional way possible... or for someone to lead your own team to more success...


That's us, let's talk.


Performance Driven Virtual Teams

Dedicated professionals with a high 

performance culture.

We become part of your team. We look, act and feel an integral part of your business.


Our team will represent your company, your culture and 


Access to and ownership of all data

created each day

Telephone , Email and Social Prospecting capability on integrated platforms


 We continually train and develop our Business Development professionals