Essential Sales Skills  -  1 Day

Open course, online or in-house

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Intensive one day course covering the core skills and processes required to help you convert more enquiries int paying customers. The understanding gained in this day will leave delegates feeling far more confident in their sales role.



Who should attend?


Ideal for all sales staff or support staff covering any sales function. Also well suited for small business owners needing to understand how to sell more.


This day is suitable for those selling B2B and B2C, either face to face or over the phone.


What will we cover?


The day is designed to help salespeople generate and close more sales. We also address how to stop prospective customers going "silent"


During the day we cover:


Defining the sales persons role

Understanding the sales process

Essential sales skills

Breaking the ice

Questioning/Listening skills

How to avoid difficult/regular objections

Difficult customers

How to ask for the order


We will look at how to apply the above to your situation, your product/service, your business and when appropriate write a short action plan.