"We know our sales team can sell more, how do we make it happen?"
If you ever find yourself asking yourself, or your sales leadership this...


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Its ALL about sales  is fully committed to delivering highly effective Sales and Sales Management training that deliver you RESULTS.

Our trainers, consultants and associates have all worked their way through the sales ranks into sales leadership and business leadership roles. We have a minimum of 20 years sales related experience each.


Some have grown small businesses into market leaders, others have worked at director level for multi national giants, and pretty much everything in between.


Our trainers and consultants are based across the South & SW UK and travel as required. WE also work with clients across the globe online.


We work with all sizes of business,  owner/operators, SME and large corporates to improve sales performance.


One of the biggest frustrations of running any business is that you KNOW there is far more potential revenue that could be generated by your sales department but where, and how, do you start to realise this?

What we do isn't complicated, so why do so many consultants want to make it sound as if it is?    

We know our business/industry inside out. Our business is maximising sales

When we train people they leave feeling eager and  motivated to put what they have learned into practice.


When we consult we will work with you to understand what is happening at your business and what isn't happening, and why.


We will reccommend  where improvements could/should be made.


We will plan in detail, and put the plan into action training, coaching and supporting the people involved

We also go out of our way make the whole process enjoyable for everyone involved.




"I have had the good fortune to work with its all about sales on several occasions and had taken part in many sales motivational tuitions, in both one on one coaching  and group motivational and sales training courses"

"Richard  has the rare gift of being able to coax and develop those skills from people with varied and disparate backgrounds.

He communicates his knowledge with warm and infectious enthusiasm and develops the skills required for high acheivers.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as a Sales Trainer and Coach"

"Hi Richard, Thought you would like to know I just had my best month ever - £656k - Thanks for all of your help getting me there"

"Good to have a trainer with real experiences to talk about"

"Some great ideas to use in the workplace, Im sure it will make me more effective"

"Over the years I have attended many “sales training” courses but I can honestly say that  your trainer's knowledge of selling is the very best that I have experienced."

"Creative in content and delivery, with the ability to develop, shape and inspire sales teams. "

"He is able to show experienced sales people new methods for sourcing and maximising opportunities and take individuals who have no experience within a sales environment and quickly mentor them into creating a highly effective and professional sales approach."

"I have worked with Richard from It's all about sales on many occasions, and in a variety of companies, and have no hesitation in stating that he is an extremely talented sales trainer and  manager."


"I worked alongside Richard from Its all about sales during my time as Commercial & Finance Director at Kingcombe, a specialist construction business based in South Somerset.


Richard was initially recommended to us as someone who could help improve Sales Performance.


Very quickly, Richard identified and implemented a CRM system, re-inventing ancillary processes to make best use.


Part of this implementation was to train engineers in selling and closure techniques and other staff in the use of data.


The second phase of Richards' time with KAL was managing the Sales Team on a day to day basis, taking over from the previous Sales Director.


This principally involved managing and developing individuals within the team, organising the pipeline, focussing the business on value added activities, reporting to the Board.


The last stage was to train and blend in his replacement as Head Of Sales.


I would be happy to recommend Richard to you."

Kevin Athersuch - KAL


I have known Richard for 20 years having both worked with him as a colleague and now as his client for executing UK and European business.


Richard has always been a highly motivated and motivational coach who continues to find highly effective approaches and strategies for tackling today’s unique challenges in driving sales performance.


I would recommend Richard, and his team, to any organisation looking to improve it's Sales Culture and  Team  or Leadership performance without hesitation.

Perry Barrow - FGD - Singapore

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