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Interim Sales Director

Sometimes third party consultancy isnt what is needed. Maybe you need someone to step into, and become a vital part of your team for a while. Someone regular but not permanent, full time or part time, but you need that extra expertise "in house" .


Ther are several reasons that we have worked with some of our clients on a interim basis for weeks, sometimes several months:



These have included:





Being "Between" Sales Managers/Directors and simply needed an experienced person in place until they could recruit a replacement.


The need to drive a short term project forward.


Needed strong sales leadership but couldn't justify full time person.


Had developed a sound sales strategy but were unable to deliver with their current staff.


Supporting a struggling sales manager.


Owners spreading themselves too thinly, struggling to maximise sales teams performance and run their businesses.












If you feel that your business might benefit from regular, reliable, highly experienced sales leadership then call us

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Client Feedback



"Richard is a consummate professional in the sales training and strategy space. He is an highly experienced, no-nonsense, pragmatic thinker in all matters relating to sales, performance enhancement, monitoring and marketing."





"One of Richard’s key strengths, in my opinion, is that unlike many other sales development professionals he has a career with many hours spent at the “sharp” end of sales and therefore is fully appreciative of the challenges faced by sale people and has techniques honed by experience to help them overcome those challenges."






"Richard has a unique ability to simplify a complex offering into an easily understandable proposition. Richard also has a firm grip on the complete need for solution selling.


Richard is able to articulate these essential skills to a broad level of people ranging from sales novices to hardened veterans wishing to hone their sales ability.


As such Richard is the perfect partner and logical choice for anyone wishing to increase their order book and sales pipeline"