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By Its ALL about Sales, Feb 12 2020 03:28PM

When brilliantly executed for certain companies offering certain products and services “Social Selling” can be the Holy Grail. An outstanding end-to-end solution for all their sales needs. Sales that generally end with an on-line purchase or booking.

More often than not “Social Selling” is used for quality lead or enquiry generation or warming up prospects.

This is when and why it frequently goes wrong in one of three ways…

Opportunity Lost: People have lost the skill of “taking it off-line”… As “Social Selling” maybe sits more naturally with the marketing function many have never needed these skills.

Opportunity Wasted: When the “conversation” is finally taken off-line people don’t have the sales skills to drive the sales process and win the business.

Opportunity Squandered: When, because the buyer is along way down their buyers journey, the off-line “conversation” is handled by “order takers” many of which make very little attempt to influence an outcome an simply don’t recognise an opportunity.

Don’t spend so much time and money on your digital output that you forget about giving those responsible for the “Selling” part the skills they need.

We can help, give us a call.

By Its ALL about Sales, Feb 4 2020 08:00PM

Although I had always been the person people came to if they had a “sale” that they needed help with, almost 20 years ago I decided to take sales coaching and training far more seriously.

I became a real sponge for knowledge on how to sell, how to sell professionally and sales leadership.

Reading, studying, seminars etc.

I found myself saying to myself…

“That’s what I do”

“That’s exactly how I do it”

“I didn’t realise I do that, but I do”

I started thinking I must a bloody genius with amazing intuition.

Then it started dawning on me. The realisation that I had been incredibly lucky.

I had started my sales career many years before with two different companies (BMW and one of the finance houses) that had given me really good sales training - not just induction training - SALES training, and although the events were a dim and distant memory the really sound foundations that had been put in place had remained with me. I was gutted (not really) - I wasn’t a bleeding genius after all

Why do I say lucky?

I am always staggered by the number of salespeople that I work with have never had any sales training let alone had it refreshed or developed. OK maybe they shadow someone for a day or two (learning someone else’s bad habits) as part of their induction but that’s not sales training.

I’m lucky for another reason.

As a trainer I actually get to work with the companies that ARE prepared to invest in their sales teams, laying great foundations and developing sales and leadership skills. I always make a point of highlighting to delegates how fortunate they are to work for a business that values them.

By Its ALL about Sales, Feb 3 2020 11:57AM

This is what can happen when you trust your coach and work with them.

This is why I love what I do.

Over the weekend I received a text from someone I have worked with over the last couple of years…

“Hey Rich. Happy New Year. Thought you’d like to know that I just did my best month ever (Combined sales over £655k). Thanks for all your help getting there”

When I first started working with this guy he was a decent salesperson writing respectable business but coaching is about identifying any areas that can be incrementally improved and working out how to implement the improvements. This is what set about doing, and the result is he is now consistently writing 7 to 8 times the volume of business he was previously writing.

I'm genuinely delighted for him!

By Its ALL about Sales, Feb 1 2020 12:00PM

Have you ever watched someone do something and thought "They make it look SO easy" or "I wish I could do it like that"?

I remember, years ago, struggling to teach myself to windsurf. I spent much more time laying, exhausted, face first on the sail or climbing back onto the board than I ever did riding it. For months I jealously watched others thinking just that, simply "wishing" I would get better. I nearly gave up several times, there was no pleasure in it and it was also draining.

I just didn't have the basics right.

What made the difference, in the end, was deciding to pay for some lessons. I learned more from a professional tutor over 3 or 4 Saturday mornings than I had taught myself in nearly a year. Not only was I able to master the basics and become "reasonably" proficient, I immediately started to feel comfortable, and better still started to love it again.

What's this got to do with selling?

I have lost count of the hundreds (thousands?) of salespeople (and business owners) that I have trained and seen them having that moment of realization, finally understanding how SELLING actually works...the little things they were (or weren't) doing or saying that meant that they weren't getting the results that they needed.

When selling is going well there isn't a better job to have. If it's uncomfortable, and not going well, most people end up giving up or being let go.

Get the basics right...

Give me a call, an initial conversation costs you nothing.

By Its ALL about Sales, Jan 28 2020 03:00AM

One of the more famous quotes we hear in business and sales is accredited to George S Patton…

”A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

Back in the 18th Century Voltaire wrote “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” basically the same sentiment but wouldn’t carry the same clout in the field of war.

Salespeople… (especially when you are starting in a new position) you will almost certainly shadow a colleague for a while (sadly this may well be the only sales training you are given) so, when you do, don’t just listen to what they are saying to their prospects/clients and copy it, work out how to make it better, much better!

By Its ALL about Sales, Jan 23 2020 12:00PM

As a committed lifelong student of sales I see an awful lot of posts/tips etc that point out the importance of working with a prospect to uncover their needs rather than their wants.

A salesperson's role, put very simply, is to either generate interest , or to take a prospect who may have have expressed an interest, and move them into and through the stage of wanting what we are offering, and wanting it from us.

I am a big believer in working with a prospect in a consultative type sale where appropriate, challenging their thinking (again where appropriate) but it maybe worth pointing out that, regardless of the reasoning behind it WANT will often out-trump NEED and challenging a prospect when it’s not appropriate can easily cost you a sale.

They may not NEED a Rolex but if they have set their heart on one it may be difficult to change their minds (they are probobly sick to death of hearing "you don't really need that") so as long as you have done your job properly, and not just taken an order, then sell them the flippin' Rolex!

By Its ALL about Sales, Jan 15 2020 12:03PM

"Everyone is a salesperson"

I hear this said at so many companies it's untrue. While I can understand the sentiment it's a very dangerous strategy to follow. Ambassador possibly, Representative maybe but salesperson NO!

Sales is a highly skilled, specialist discipline and becoming more and more so as we move forward. Despite this I am often amazed how few officially designated salespeople understand "how" to sell, and why they do the things they do.

To then encourage staff members that do not work in sales, have never had any sales training, do not understand how any sales process works, let alone one that is tailored to suit their business, and is very unlikely to understand what part they should play in that process is actually unfair on them.

If, however "everyone is a salesperson" is a mindset that you wish to instill in your business then give people the tools to work with.

A tailored "Sales for support staff" or "Sales for your Non-Sales people" course will help avoid both missed and lost opportunities, and you never know might help identify that sales superstar you have hidden in the admin department.

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