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I thought I was a genius but it turns out I’m lucky!

By Its ALL about Sales, Feb 4 2020 08:00PM

Although I had always been the person people came to if they had a “sale” that they needed help with, almost 20 years ago I decided to take sales coaching and training far more seriously.

I became a real sponge for knowledge on how to sell, how to sell professionally and sales leadership.

Reading, studying, seminars etc.

I found myself saying to myself…

“That’s what I do”

“That’s exactly how I do it”

“I didn’t realise I do that, but I do”

I started thinking I must a bloody genius with amazing intuition.

Then it started dawning on me. The realisation that I had been incredibly lucky.

I had started my sales career many years before with two different companies (BMW and one of the finance houses) that had given me really good sales training - not just induction training - SALES training, and although the events were a dim and distant memory the really sound foundations that had been put in place had remained with me. I was gutted (not really) - I wasn’t a bleeding genius after all

Why do I say lucky?

I am always staggered by the number of salespeople that I work with have never had any sales training let alone had it refreshed or developed. OK maybe they shadow someone for a day or two (learning someone else’s bad habits) as part of their induction but that’s not sales training.

I’m lucky for another reason.

As a trainer I actually get to work with the companies that ARE prepared to invest in their sales teams, laying great foundations and developing sales and leadership skills. I always make a point of highlighting to delegates how fortunate they are to work for a business that values them.

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